Summer Melodies: A Sequel

The summer is ending. This is the last week of May and June is pretty approaching. All of us are into different activities, either productive or just chilling. Me, i usually spend my summer listening to new songs, especially songs that best suit the summer feeling.

In this post, just like i did last summer. I’ll be counting down the songs that best suit this summer. These songs that I’ll be counting down is from my own view and taste. Some songs are not usually released this summer but months already. Let’s start the countdown.

8. Nothin’ On you by B.O.B.- The chorus is nice but the rapping part of the song for me is not that catchy. I just like this song cause it makes me groove to the beat and sing.

7. Baby by Justin Bieber – I am not a bieber fan but i just like singing the song, all parts of the song makes me sing. Here, i like the rapping part, i actually memorized it and sing as the rapper sings. Yeah. “I know you love me, i know you care”. Even my little cousins sing with me and sometimes they request the song.

6. Try to Follow me by 2ne1- I like the part where Minzy and CL is dancing in the second chorus and the “egyptian look” as they dances. Then every time i sing the “Nal ddara haebwayo Nal ddara haebwayo Nal ddara haebwayo Ireoke” part i dance just like Minzy and CL do, haha (even if im a boy), i am also into kpops. I learned reading the korean words (in english text not korean) everytime i watch myx and enjoy kpops. When i first saw the MV of this video, i didn’t like the outfit of 2ne1, they changed their fashion statement, i donno if it’s just for this song. But i like their previous outfits in their previous songs. Also, Dara and Park Bom are just some of my crushes from korea.

5. OMG by Usher feat. Will.I.Am- I also like the full song. Ace and i always sing this aka fella. haha, theoh, oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, oh my gosh” part really rocks. I feel like i’m usher every time i sing this song. lols.

4. Fifteen by Taylor swift- These past few months i was really listening and following T. swift’s songs. For me she’s really great, she composes her owns songs plus sings very well. I really like country -American songs and T. swift best fits this part!. Also, every time i sing her songs, i always imagine that i am singing duet with her also holding our own guitars with a wide crowd singing with us—-haha. Concert? yah, i think, and i’m her guest!.

3. Picture to burn- Also a T. Swift song. I like the chorus and the “I hate that stupid old picture truck you never let me drive”..especially the “hate” where you have to put the pitch of your voice higher…yeah..and the end part of the chorus ” as far as i’m concerned your, just another picture to burn“ as i sing the end part, i’m holding an imaginary microphone then sings to the ears of my cousins!.

2. Fearless- Oh, another T. Swift song. I told you, i like her!. haha. I call myself swifted!. This song i think is her latest, it’s actually on myx countdowns. I also imagine myself doing the male version of the song every time i sing this—-actually all of T. swift’s, and yeah again the bunch of crowds in our “concert”. Here, i like the bridge part especially the ” It’s the first kiss, it’s flawless, really somethin’…………it’s fearless”. aaaaahhhh…First kiss right? and, it’s flawless!. I imagine myself doing this part, of course with her…haha.

And for the no.1 song:

1. Let’s just fall in love again by Jason Castro- This song is what I’m saying. The popularity is not that high but the song really rocks. All of the ingredients of a song for summer that I’m looking are here—-the heat, water, adventure and most of all, the lyrics of love. This song makes me really wanna fall in love with someone and yeah, me and her will also do what the lyrics says:

” You call me on Thursday And well hang out all day, Then fall asleep on the phone, And oh, Ill hold your hand when we drive, And well lose track of all the time, And well tell everyone, That we ain’t never felt so alive”.

Here’s the video:


P.S.: You may also like to read my summer songs post last year—-Oh so summer!

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  1. These songs are nice Steve (with exception of the song from that Bieber kid). However, I will stick with the oldies song. ^_^

  2. I love all the songs! 😀 We are listening to the same songs this summer. 😀 I'm swifted too! 😀 But I've been listening to A drop in the ocean by Ron Pope these past few weeks. XD I swear, it's the only song i listen to. XD

  3. finally i an visit your site.. i tried to visit you yesterday but it restricts me…
    uu nga patapos na summer nagsisimula ng umulan… which is better for me hahaha just love rainy season

    i love fifteen, baby, fearless and Let's start fall in love again

  4. yea. May is ending and i am still chilling lol! Ü

    i love baby by justin haha 😀
    i also got the bieber syndrome coz of my lil cousins lol 🙂

  5. Cool songs! Thanks for dropping by my blog. have a great week!

  6. I love the song Baby by Justin Bieber. I also love the fact that Miley Cyrus called him "pocket size boyfriend" Haha.

    I personally like 2NE1 but I don't like their new song. 😐

    I <3 Taylor Swift.

    As for your number one on the list, its my first time hearing it 🙂

  7. ooh. I like your # one. hehe :)) oohh. kuya. I really don't have any Idea how to put smilies in blogspot. I uses wordpress kasi :((

  8. Agree with the no. 1 s0ng!
    Hindi halata na like mo si taylor swift hindi talaga halata..

  9. I love Tay swift too. And I'm gonna use the song fifteen on my bday! 😀

    Let's pretend baby, that you just met me.♥ I love that song so much! And his voice, awesome!

  10. wow, your song recommendations are really nice! especially your to 1! i have heard of that song already but i never knew the title. thanks for this entry! hahaha. i also memorized the rap thing in bieber's song baby. i tried rapping it too after hearing charice' version of Baby! haha.

  11. It's so nice to see boys who are into K-POP. Hahaha! I love Taylor Swift and Jason Castro. <333

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