Summer sunshine.

Okay, i am saying i’m back again, yeah, just like any other blogger, i am busy in school studies and work! Last march 2-3, maie and i attended a seminar in antipolo, where we met our fellow STIers. The training was so fun and educational, we learned a lot, the venue was also good, the city is over looking. I’ll be posting the pictures that we have taken once i updated my blog next time.

Actually this post is not about the seminar that we attended, this is actually about SUMMER!. Summer sunshine is really here. At night, it’s hot that you wanna take your clothes off. While at daytime, it’s more even hotter that you wanna eat lots of ice creams and halo halos(should we expect those people in diet?).

When we think about summer, of course first thing that will come into our minds is vacation!. I’m gonna miss the school days and my classmates!Specially today, that we are finishing our final projects and exams. I can really feel the vacation, why? because every morning, i feel lazy going to school(haha, that’s one sign of vacation), because there’s nothing to do in class, just only attendance, after that, seperate ways again, some of my classmates will go malling and some go home. Our classes also starts to dissolve, because after the final exam, there will be no meeting and all we have to do is to wait for the releasing of grades and signing of clearance. I am sad(huhu), but looking forward for new adventures this summer and next school year.

In June, another school year!yehey, we will become 3rd year, i am getting old!,. 3rd year means near to graduation!, 2 years to go!AJA!!!I can do it!. For me, 3rd year is the most exciting part in computer engineering, because atlast, after 2 years of waiting, i will get able to assemble circuits and robotics, there’s also more programming!. How i wish, there’s HTML subjects (ya know!for blogging purposes, i am not much Knowledegable in HTML).

We also can’t forget the beaches and resorts!, which i guess, one of the most exciting part of summer!, swimming, parties and drinking with families and friends.

On march 28, saturday, my MAGS family will be having a Team building. I am not sure about the venue, but surely it will be so much fun, because once again, we will treasure another memories and histories together, especially, some MAGS will be graduating this march and they will go their seperate ways. “I’ll check that MAGS!, believe me!”.

This coming holy week our family will have a one week vacation in our province masbate!. Hi red!, i’ll be coming in our province!. Because red and i, are from masbate. Me, particularly, i live in dimasalang. I am very excited to see my relatives, childhood friends and classmates. I studied in masbate when i was grade 1 and 2, that’s why i also have childhood memories there, and when i reached grade 3, i migrated here in Bulacan to continue my studies.

Another reason to celebrate this summer is my birthday!. I’ll be celebrating my 18th birthday!.

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  1. HI! You're going to Masbate? That's cool. Haven't been there. Don't forget to post your pictures, okay?

  2. HI! You're going to Masbate? That's cool. Haven't been there. Don't forget to post your pictures, okay?

  3. advance happy birthday kuya! 🙂
    wow! team building? i'm sure u'll have fun! hihi. goodluck kuya!

    OT: I already message u on the tagboard about the help that i'm asking u. 🙂 thanks in advance kuya!

  4. everyone s excyted for summer,
    and me as well,
    Thanks foR thOse pics,
    That really made me crave for iice
    cream, 😉 but too bad
    Their ice cream hurr sucks,I stil
    love the ones the have in the PI.
    and the beach really want me to swim

  5. 🙂 wow, you are going on a team building. that sounds fun. 🙂

    yes, I am bombarded with lots of projects and reports and exams. 🙁 jeeez

  6. first of all, advance happy birthday!

    about the summer naman hindi ko masyado mafeel ang init kasi nasa work ako during daytime, pero sa gabi nga medyo maalinsangan na..

    saan sti branch ka?

    maganda yong you changed my life nila JL & sarah, promise! 🙂

  7. hi kuya! ngayon ka na lang napadaan sa site ko ha.. anyway, the seminar looks good naman.. teka.. computer engineering ka? I am planning to take up computer engineering pero hindi ko pa gaanong alam ang backgound about it.. ano? ok ba? 😛

    musta mo ko kay sis maie ha..

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