Sun stroke ’10

Hallu everyone! how you doin’?

*About the title: It’s summer that’s why Sun.
                         Stroke because heat strokes are often these days, that’s why;

                       Sun Stroke (haha, weird right?)

I am so overwhelmed with your comments cause even if i still haven’t get able to make rounds i still recieve comments from you guys. Don’t worry i’ll return all of your comments tomorrow cause i can’t do my rounds tonight. I am quite-a tired cause of exhaustion in typing and editing pics that i’ve published for this post.

To bluedreamer: hey, I am glad that you invited me to join your contest. I am excited for that! I don’t really join blogging contest but this time i’ll give it a try!.

I’ll discuss my new layout issue, the SocialSpark’s and other stuffs on my next post. But for now i want you guys to be the critics for these photos that i shot just yesterday plus the edits.

The captions of the photos are those that are written on it. I am also the one who thought the titles.
These are:

* Credits:

   Models: my cousins, Melody & Nicole. Myself as well haha.


1. which photo you liked the most and which is not?


As long as possible, please relate your comments on the post especially about the photos.

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  1. im glad you've joined… will inform you when to submit the done entries

  2. The weather is uber hot. Today is 37.5 degrees. hell T.T

    Goodluck on the contest you've joined 🙂

    I'll comment on every photo first before telling you which photo I like the most 😀

    GREEN PIZZA- I like this one. I think it is well taken. Putting the pizza on the grreen leaves is indeed a great idea. The leaves were too sharpened though. It would have been better if you left them a bit blurry as to look more natural.

    MORNING DEW- Ahh, a photo of two wonderful girls. Jump shots are really cute. But again, it would have been better if both of them were on air, meaning their feet farther away from the floor. I meant the girl on the right side.

    TABING ILONG- I love nature shots. The wonder of Landscapes. Truthfully, this was what really caught my eye. However something else caught my eye after looking at this photo. There is a black circle in the middle. It totally ruined the composure of the picture 🙁

    MICHEANGELO- Is this a photo of you? 😀
    Great shot. I wonder if this is self-timed? I don't really have any complaints on the subject (you) or the background. My concern now here is the angle. 😀 The horizon line should be straight. It would have looked so much better in my opinion but then this is not bad as well. I just feel like something is wrong.

    FLOWER- Ahm here it is. My fave picture. There is so much expression in it. I just don't like the title.

    There whew. I made my comments as constructive as possible 🙂 Feedbacks are important afterall 😀

  3. I like the third picture especially how washed out and vintage it looks. 😀

  4. Oh hay. lol sunstrokes.

    1. which photo you liked the most and which is not?
    – most liked? probably the morning dew. hehe children. and the least, the pizza. because it's making me hungry. hahaha.

  5. I like the green pizza picture. 🙂 It's nice and sharp.

    I'm not fancying the michelangelo picture. there's a shadow kasi on the subjects face.

    but overall okay naman. keep practicing! im sure you'll do well! 😀

  6. delikado ang heat stroke, kelangan mag ingat! hehe 😀

    good luck sa contest!
    hope you'll win. Ü

    i love the tabing ilog photo
    and the morning dew. :DD

  7. i make some money off my blog but not as much as i'd like to , not enough to support my material needs haha
    ooo i like your new layout 🙂
    i like the last photo a lot, but maybe without that much contrast because half of the girls face is kinda not in focus.

  8. good luck with the blog contest.
    I really like your layout, it's nicee:)
    i really like morning dew and tabing ilog.
    the lighting of tabing ilog is nice

    yea I was in kentucky for a week for a competition.
    we got coffee, vanilla and chocolate.
    I guess the rain is alright, but I was looking forward to a little warmer weather. wahh 37 that's so warrmmmm >_<

  9. Nice new layout!!

    I liked the first pic the best, ahaha green pizza! I think some photos are too "glowing" though 😀

    In response to your comment, I'm Chinese with a dash of Spanish I think. But that Spanish is in my grandfather's line so am not sure XD You can read my about me page and it's there.

  10. green pizza
    – mas maganda siguro kung sa grass mo nilagay…
    morning dew
    – masyadong maliwanag
    tabing – ilog
    – i like the tree
    – galit??but nice iisipin ko na lang attitude yan…
    – cute ng pinsan mo…nakita ko si bogs

    i like the morning dew and green pizza

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