Tear gas in it’s major way!!!!

I can’t help myself but to post these issues on my blog. I think, i’m starting to become a reporter now!ahahahaha. But there’s really something in me and in my body that makes me type and share my thoughts about such issues.
Let us start.
!st stop: Venus Raj in her major answer.
Ok, let me clear myself, i am not making fun of her because of her “major major” answer. The truth is i think she really did well in Ms. Universe. My classmates said that she’s not so beautiful (mas maganda pa daw si hulaton according to them). Well, I think Venus was sexy, classy, intelligent and elegant at that night. I was really proud of her. She really brought glory to Philippines, from the way she ramps, her head was held high, the way she projects herself and the way she smiles—-everything was so perfect. I was really “ohhhhhhh” while i was watching. Now lets’ go to her Q&A.
I think her answer is just right, it’s just that she did not gave justice to it and she was so overwhelmed that she’s included at the top 5. Maybe she actually didn’t still yet made a Major Major mistake in the past 22 yrs. of her life, that’s why she can’t answer the question. Even other people and former U.S. president Bush was having a hard time when he was asked a question like that. I mean, there’s actually no right or wrong answer to that, it’s how you deliver. I am actually thinking of what’s the proper answer. I’m gonna answer it:

” What do you think is the major mistake of your life and how you handled it?”

Me: “Um, good evening las veygas!. Well sir, because of the society that i grew up at, the values i learned in school and church and most importantly the way my mother raised me and guided me i am proud that i did not made any major or big mistake in the last 19 years of my life. But if i will make someday, i will surely face it for me to learn and grow, that’s all. Thank you”

what can you say?try answering the question too!.  And to  Ms,  Venus Thank you so much for representing our country!, you really made us proud and we have no regrets that you represented our country—-the Philippines!”.

2nd stop: The hostage taking.
I am just simply sad of what happened last Monday. I am not a full blooded Filipino but i grew up here. And i can say that Filipinos are good people. Just like what they say, were so good in hospitality. We respect every people. We are not that so bad. I mean, what happened can actually happen anywhere in the world. Like the bombing in Phuket before and some kidnapping at countries in the middle east.
Why does it seems that Filipinos are such bad people?How about us?our kababayan’s in middle east and other countries in the world who are a victim of their employers in different forms. Those who are killed, raped and sentenced to death because of just protecting theirselves. Let just recall and remember flor contemplacion and other Filipinos who are died in spite of just wanting to earn a money to support their family.
To all HONG KONG men, we are sorry. And i hope that we all work together to pray for the soul of the victims.
Bloggers: Please do support this post, about the HONG KONG part. Spread this or make your own post. We are good people and our kabababayan’s don’t deserve to suffer because of this incident. We, pray and work together simply by just writing and expressing!

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  1. Venus is an epitome of beauty and elegance…she really deserved to winning the BB. Pilipinas Universe title…and now she's coming home with pride…

    We can't blame HK people to react that way…I know they are only doing that to awaken/pressure the Philippine GOVERNMENT. Let's just hope and pray that we can still make things up…or somehow would have a good relationship with them…

    God bless us all!

  2. Tama, it;s actually the GOVERNMENT…PNP to be specific!

  3. good thinking…..

  4. I really dont want to talk about that hongkong incident anymore. it makes me sad. btw, venus raj? she's awesome. i adore her.

  5. This comment has been removed by the author.

  6. Huge congratulations to Venus and we should all be proud of her achievements. ^_^

    Let's all pray for peace and love. Tama na ang sisihan at turuan sa nangyari lately. Let's move forward Philippines and say yes to Positivity!

  7. "Majo m,ajor." That is the new phrase for the week and I think that is cool. ^_^

    I mean, people may laugh about it, but in the end they will be using it. She made a mark in the current events because of that.

    I agree with Jag about the reaction of the Hongkong people. We had the same reaction when a news came out that a certain Nicole was "raped" by an American soldier. Many of us condemned all American soldiers or even Americans as rapists.

    We are suffering the same reaction that we wrought on other people. The problem with the reaction of some Hongkong nationals is to be blinded by wrath and take it out of our kababayan in Hongkong. Many of our fellowmen are doing an honest job and are innocent of what happened, yet they are being humiliated and even some of them were fired.

  8. you really have a good point on the ofws situation in other countries. this should be highlighted to those people.

  9. I agree and I support. what happened was a majjor major tragic! discrimination and what so ever is everywhere. I hope everything will be okay between the countries.

  10. paborito ko ang kapulishan natin
    lagi silang palpak
    at may first hand experience/s pa ako sa kanila
    corrupt sila
    wala pa akong nakasalamuhang matinong pulis sa atin
    wala pa talaga

  11. venus really did great on the pageant. wow reporter ka na dude, keep it up.

  12. late na ba ko kung magcocomment? hehe

    i'm proud of what Venus achieved. hindi naman biro humarap sa maraming tao.:D

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