The Chilling Adventures of Sabrina: Watched

Yes, this is a reboot of 90’s sitcom. Sabrina the Teenage Witch though this reboot is from another comic with the same title with the reboot.

Being still at home allows me to do things that i like and that includes watching and catching up to shows that i like. Currently i’m into Netflix’s #StrangerThings #MortalInstruments #Dynasty, #AHSCult (yeah cause i’m catching up from hotel) #Insatiable and now, their new reboot series, The Chilling Adventures of Sabrina.

First off, i like that they are using terms that’s very opposite with Christianity. From ‘unholy gathering‘ to ‘false God‘ (Jesus) and ‘dark baptism‘. Instead of actually being offended, it made me laugh. Unlike in Insatiable where i am actually offended the way they used/mocked the Holy Ghost to their stupid Baby Jesus Pageant. No wonder this show gets backslash but i’d still love to see the next season. 

  • Salem is another sweet! I love his black and thick fur, i wish to have that kind of familiar too!
Here’s an incantation to get your own familiar: 

β€œSpirits of the forest, I pronounce my intentions to thee. Come forth and seek me and equals we will be. Not master and servant but familiar to familiar, to share our knowledge, our spirit and our traits.”

  • I love the story line! And pretty much interested what will happen in the next season after all the turn out of the season’s ending episode! Yaaass it was chilly, demonic and full of witches!

*warning spoiler*
In the universe that i’ve been watching, almost all the people that’s being brought back to death, are zombie-like already. If you recall the #AHSCoven resurrection of Kyle Spencer (Evan Peters), he was so zombie when he was resurrected, same as Harvey’s brother! I like the idea that they have limbo too!, very much catholic and real life.

  • The Academy of Unseen Arts is way too cool for me too. Harry Potter feels! 

It’s giving me a Harry Potter feel especially their house, school and town! Just perfect that they premiered it in Halloween. Pumpkin, black cat, fogs and old houses are very very spooky!

You better watch The Chilling Adventures of Sabrina now and get spooked of the story line and her love-hate relationship with Satan! (Yes, Satan was there). There’s also a lot of Latin Incantations!

Wouldn’t it be fun to just easily kill someone when they annoy you?

If you’re a witch, what incantation would you make?

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