The Climate Change

Today, the world is facing different kinds of problem particularly, the climate change. Climate change has damaged and really changed the ways how people live and their consciousness in protecting the earth. In the near future we will see more how climate change will affect the earth and our status of living, but did you know that climate change will affect first and causes more damage on developing countries which Philippines is being categorized in?.

Studies also show that the developing countries may be the first to suffer soil erosion, floods, droughts, wind storms, extreme climate events and pollution caused by climate change. Factors are being considered why do the Developing countries may be the first victims of climate change.

It can only be us who can save our planet and there’s no way for us to escape this problem. We must start our awareness in this kind of environmental issues. Start reading and learning especially Filipino people and others who are also living in developing countries. Try to understand why Developing countries may be the first victims of climate change, let us know how we avoid or how can we help to solve this very serious problem that is facing to our future generation.

We all do everyday tasks and these tasks also affect the nature, even a simple relaxing a day affects the nature. You should Relax your body by staying connected to nature yet you are still enjoying. Let us contribute to the wellness of our environment, after all, it is all us who will gain the profit after solving the challenge that climate change causes.

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  1. What factors?you have n0t menti0ned it.
    Well, you can track the effect of climate change in our country for the last 30 sad..
    Of course there is a way to escape the problem! And that is facing it..
    Bebe tip ko lang ung coherence be careful.

  2. Developing countries will be the first one to be hit by the effects of global warming because developing countries have the large number of poor people. The poor will be the hit hard by global warming because they do not have the financial resources to protect themselves.

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