The Diversity of Christianism & Culture Differences

There’s just this certainty that God made us unique individuals for us to work with one another and unite as one body of Christ, making the saying “No man is an island” valid. As we look upon diversity deeper, there are different religions, culture and practices formed. Some of the product of diversity/differences are tattooing, social drinking and inside church etiquettes (proper dress attire/behaviour during service).

So I asked some Christians about this matter, and here are their takes about it:

We have our own different views and convictions regarding the subject matter, in the end there are three things we need to consider:
1.Will this give glory, honour and praise to God?
– So whether you eat or drink or whatever you do, do it all for the glory of God. (1 Cor. 10:31)
2. Will this edify, encourage and strengthen others? (Both believers and unbelievers)
– Do not cause anyone to stumble, whether Jews, Greeks or the church of God (1 Cor. 10:32)
3. How will this benefit my life as a follower of Christ and as a person? Can we just live without it?
 I have the right to do anything, you say–but not everything is beneficial. I have the right to do anything–but not everything is constructive. 1 Cor. 10:23 -Ghay Sagabaen,

Renz Samson
I’ll be sticking to my principles and learning from the bible and from all of my mentors and leaders, that our BODY is the HOLY TEMPLE. As simple as why would i put piercing and tattoo if it’s not needed, and i don’t need it. If it can be avoided, why not avoid it? Why would we have to put something that’s unnecessary. Why would you stain a body that should be taken care of?. My Body is not mine anyway, it’s given to me by God. 
My Body must be kept as holy as I can. Because God is Holy. As simple as that.
Ericson Guinto
Biologically-speaking, anything placed inside or outside the body is an antibody… the tendency of our immune system is to desist its presence to bring back equilibrium…hence, the natural system of our body will be ruined especially on the excretion of sweat which is waste. Personally, I don’t like tattoos..never would I put some in the future… all because i believe in the sanctity of the human body as God’s temple…But no matter what, co-Christians can express freely their devotion to Christ in ways we can’t even decipher… (talking about free will) … just what they say, that is them, this is us, this is me
I am a conservative Christian.. Though I can influence others to the way I live as a Christian, it’s still up to them to follow.. I go for Ghay’s argument… as long as it pleases God, go on… because each of us have a different calling/purpose…  
Same goes with drinking…If the bible allows it, then be for me, i don’t like it, expensive, i easily get dizzy, it also has a drastic effect on me. If they drink, go ahead… what matters is what’s pleasing with the Lord..It may aid our health but most definitely “any excess is a sign of addiction…”, and God doesn’t want that.
In this type of discussion, it matters to determine the motives and the threats. It could be both allowable and avoidable.
Based on Biblical context, culture and beliefs, we could say that tattoo was part of pagan worship and rituals. Regarding alcoholic drinks, there are people in some countries that need volumes of wine to maintain body heat and survive in cold weather.
What drives you to do such things is the big deal. The purpose behind every decision speaks of what is inside your heart, wherein that matters to God. But we need to consider also the practicality at stake that it would be avoidable in instance or chance of being a threat.
In having a tattoo, some suffer of psychological influence that affects attitudes or character or even adapt popular personalities or idolize rockstar image. Maybe at first you are inside the goodwill but eventually through out, inner side of you are changing.
Some say “addiction starts with just a taste.” If this would be true in any circumstance or in the influence of peer pressure, why taste alcoholic drinks for no big reason? If this could be a foothold of the enemy for you, never start it anyway.

Do everything for the Glory of God. That’s the very key, to remember that it’s all about God. But never forget, indeed God is passionate for His Glory and the same way He is mindful for you in any means. So why allow something that someday could ruin your life? Just be careful with your motives because it can drive your life.-Ephraim Termulo,

One thing’s for sure—-we are different and free to do anything, however, that shouldn’t be a ticket for us to abuse our freedom and freewill. Too much love can kill you, always remember that.
Whether you’re a Christian or not, what can you say about this matter?

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  1. I agree with Renz Samson… I also believed that our body is our God's temple so it is our responsibility to take care of it.. honestly, I'm quite guilty about it kaso I know for the fact na I have been abusing my body for a long time pero I remember din may nagsabi sa akin na even your body is physically weak, you have to make sure that you are spiritually strong

  2. What you have written is in line with the Purpose Drive Life by Rick Warren.

  3. I've read somewhere just recently how sad it is that the more religious some people are the more judgmental they become. That instead of becoming more loving, more forgiving, they become more concerned about how right they are and they look down on people "less holier" than they are.

    I believe the true sign of Christian maturity or any religion's maturity for that matter is having respect towards other people's beliefs, being more forgiven and definitely now highlighting how right you are to belittle others. That's just so wrong.

  4. Too much love can really kill. Just look at Jesus. He loves us too much that he died for us. This is the kind of loving that we should have. Loving even unto death so as we can have life eternal.

  5. Change your links! I got my own domain! Woot!

    It's interesting nonetheless. I was raised a Christian but my mother was false about her commitment to god and it ultimately turned me off to religion and god in general. I believe faith itself is a prison and an open hand depending on the person, and it was sung beautifully in the song Augustine by Vienna Teng. Check her out <3

  6. You sum it up well in your last paragraph. We are free to choose. And that's a great reason right there to know the Word of God so we can always make those right choices! Interesting to have all the interviews!

  7. Oh, that's nice to know MUN, as i haven't read that famous book though! πŸ™‚ this is really interesting to know.

  8. Hi Milton, well,, i we're all guilty on that "fleshy things" Christian or not–i'd say more of the religious side (im talking about those other religion) because we have dilemma and convictions in us if we do a thing or not… i know you feel that too.. you dont want your soul do it but your body tells you to…

    it's all the matter of self-control and that is indeed a deeper level of faith! πŸ™‚

  9. Thanks mary! i agree with you on this.

  10. I would listen to that singer!!! that's a sad thing to know— what we really do would affect those who we influence with… this really proves that statement!

  11. already changed links though! πŸ™‚

  12. That's the best example of love we should all follow ish… i agree to you on this.

  13. True, i guess i was like that before when i started as a Christian, i'd agree as well that as you mature, you realize that the more the person sin, the more we should love them… but that's for those who don' t know Christ himself– but for those who already know the truth, that's wickedness already, and it will surely be condemned.

    love those who dont know Christ yet!

  14. Our Pastor once talked about "disputable matters" – things that are neither black nor white in the Bible. But his examples were not so much on the extremes as tattoos and alcohol, more on the gray areas in other Christian cultures like whether or not women should wear pants to church or should the people be allowed to color their hair. His point is that there was nothing in the Bible about it (directly or indirectly), it's disputable or preferential. I don't stumble at the sight of a man with a piercing and we've had heavily tattooed international Christian bands on stage (most of them got inked before they were saved though), and you'll see kids in our church with rainbow hair colors. If it doesn't affect your relationship with God, then I don't see why it can't be done.

    That said, there are commands in the Bible against some of these issues. Sometimes, indirectly. Honestly, I like that the church dissuades people from drinking (not to be a hypocrite though, I used to drink) because drinking does lead to drunkenness. And the book of Proverbs has got a lot of things to say about drunkenness! When people argue that Jesus used to drink wine, it's usually because they fail to put context. Did you know that wine was used to put in the water for purification back then?

    In any case, on some matters we can agree to disagree. πŸ™‚ What's most important is we remain Biblical Christians more than cultural Christians. And love! Despite our disagreements, love!

  15. I echo Mary/Saleslady371's comment! Great post.

  16. diversity is what makes humanity rich but it's also what makes it frustrating when we try to relate with others … it's a fascinating subject to debate, but i think in the end, because we're all so diverse, the one thing that's difficult for a lot of people to cultivate is empathy … and it's the absence or lack of empathy that is perhaps the root of many of our problems in society …

  17. Keep the peace, spread the love. Love thy enemy, love thy neighbour as thou love thyself. They will know we are Christians by our love. Period.

  18. It's best if believers will be reminded of Jesus word

    "Do you think I came to bring peace on earth? No, I tell you, but division." Luke 12:51

    Engaging the culture is not Jesus' intention from the very beginning, we can take the cue from Jesus life, works and words.

  19. This is so true here dani!: "What's most important is we remain Biblical Christians more than cultural Christians. And love! Despite our disagreements, love!"

  20. Truth, everything should be driven by love, in everything that we do, it should be love still. πŸ™‚

  21. And also, people did not understand that through diversity we become more less of ourselves (in a good manner), making us needing other people in a common goal. πŸ™‚

    nice to hear this thought from you sean! πŸ™‚

  22. I agree to that as well sonnie, uhm hum, and if only would everyone realize that Jesus should be the center of everything, therefore, i think this world would be a better place. πŸ™‚

  23. I would agree with 1 Cor. 10:23!

    We are entitled to so many things, but we must not abuse the entitlement that was bestowed upon us. There's no such thing as absolute right or freedom. We have to be more responsible in our actions and act as mature Christians.

  24. "There's no such thing as absolute right or freedom." I agree to you on this, the problem with people today is that, they thought that nothing in this world is limited, they would abuse everything until it's too late.

    I hope everyone would get the idea of what you said, and from that, somehow, this world would be a a better place! πŸ™‚

  25. Exact thought mac, thanks for sharing! πŸ™‚

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