The Wesley teachings

I must admit that this summer i was not a good son of God. I feel lazy going to church yet i also have financial problems. Though i know that my fire for him is really declining and the thirst and the hunger of my soul is really getting worst.

I am now thankful that i am atleast getting more active with church activites. We had a new pastor but the previous one (Rev. Rodney K. Palacio) assigned and nominated me as the discipleship of our church and i am now elected as the part of the church council. I am glad that i am elected not to talk about the “position” but to serve my God.

I always listen to the pastor’s sermons cause i can really apply those in my real life. Last last sunday,  the new pastor said that we all just have to pray hard and believe in Him so that our prayers will be answered. I know that most of us also prays for something but the question is “Is our faith enough?” do we really believe? if yes, then good, cause God answers our prayers in proper time, and patience and strong faith is all we need.

Our pastor said also that we must make the prayers as our everyday routines. Not just to ask help to Him but also to communicate with Him in the times that we are feeling lonely, tempted or some times we feel that we need someone. I have tried this so many times and i am glad that Jesus really answers my prayers and he takes away my problems.

I also want to learn more about the founders of our religion—–The Methodist Church. About the Wesley Family. I even attended a wesley class in our church every sun, this is more on bible studies and i am excited attending this.

These are the lessons i learned in our church:

1. Schools and other stuffs blocks our time to go to chuch every sunday.
2. God gives us 6 days of the week to do what we need to and He only needs one day (Sunday) for us to remember Him, so we better should.
3. Us, the youth must start form ourselves to worship and remember Him cause we are the next in line!.
4. If we give lots of effort in our school, we don’t sleep just to pass our projects, we wake up early just to comply to our schedule, why not a sacrify every morning and go to church for Him?
5. He sacrificed for our sins why can’t we sacrify our small time for prayers and church every Sunday?

PS. Tomorrow is the start of the class!Yay!, i am very excited 101%

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  1. Many people today are really busy that even going to church is being sacrificed even praying.

    Tnx 4 sharing!

  2. i agree… we should pray not for the sake of praying….

    We should take evry prayers sincerely and take each words coming out from our mouth by heart

  3. When it comes to prayers, especially petitional prayers my belief is that God always answer our prayers in His own way, in His own time.

    We should keep in mind that God's way and God's time is not the same as our way and our time. Praying is a test of faith because it will test us if we are faithful enough to wait for His answer and accept His answers. We believe that God's answer to all our prayers is the best solution.

  4. Im not a huge fan. but as long as you have faith in God then he'll always be with you. the basics πŸ˜€
    Thank God im still alive. Something like that. πŸ™‚

  5. I'm not really a religious person. i do believe in God and i attend Church ones in a while, but not really that dedicated to it.

  6. Aww… medyo guilty ako dito ah >_< tagal ko na kasing di nakakapagsimba T_T

    β€œWhen you have come to the edge Of all light that you know And are about to drop off into the darkness Of the unknown, Faith is knowing One of two things will happen: There will be something solid to stand on or You will be taught to fly.."

  7. it is wonderful to be in the presence of God, in Him there is fullness of joy. And bountiful love and care. even His life for me, would be enough.. I thank God, for helping me, and rescuing me from this barbaric and cruel world. I am just lucky enough and His timing is just exact. How great is our God.. I agree with you, that prayers must be in our daily routines, to make our faith stronger and to resist every demonic force of satan who wanted to destroy us… Let that faith grow, and let the true God bless you more and more…

  8. I already felt guilty as well, just like you, this summer I haven't gone to church till now. I've been lazy going to church.

    Because of Science and other stories, it seems like my faith in God is like making me doubt…

  9. God is one great God indeed. His will is good, pleasing, and perfect. Trust in the finished work of Jesus Christ and all the more cast our faith in Him as we live this earthly life to worship Him day by day ^^

  10. hi steve,. just visiting you here

    by the way … i need your home address… para masend ko yung prize mo for blog idol
    send it to my email address or leave ka ng message sa facebook ko

  11. are you christian too?

    well, I agree on everything you said.. I also feel guilty the past few months for not going to church in a rightful manner.. πŸ™

    my new guy now was the one who has motivated me to change.. and so, I told God that I'm going to pray and go to church because i love him and not because i wanted people to see what i am wearing

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