Things I Learned in Heneral Luna with Feelings

So last September, everyone was hooked up in Heneral Luna. There were also clamours in the internet about the movie when teens started to get confused in Apolinario Mabini, that caused us (the 90’s kids) to compare our education system and our studious generation to that of the millenials who got nothing to do but take their gadgets with them, lack of real life socialization, pabebes and selfies that have no interest to dig our rich Filipino history and the heroes behind it. 

Heneral Luna (English: “General Luna”) is a 2015 Filipino historical biopic film depicting General Antonio Luna’s leadership of the Philippine Revolutionary Army during the Philippine-American War. It opens with the beginning of hostilities with the American colonizers, and ends with the assassination of Luna on June 5, 1899 – a period in which Luna served as Supreme Chief of the Army under the First Philippine Republic. 

Directed by Jerrold Tarog and produced by Artikulo Uno Productions, the film received critical acclaim from critics and audiences alike, praising its cinematography, writing, acting and plot. The film has been selected as the Philippine entry for the Best Foreign Language Film at the 88th Academy Awards.
Wiki, and yes, it’s the Philippine’s official entry for the 88th Academy Awards. 

Without further ado, here are the 10 things i learned when i watched Heneral Luna, inspired from the lines and hugot in the movie. 
 1. “Para kayong mga birheng naniniwala sa pag-ibig ng isang puta[English: You’re cheap!]  – Oh yes we all believe in love but reality is, love cannot be bought in stores nor given by prostitutes in one night stands. Love is earned, it is hardwork. So please don’t vote Binay for president! Let’s not be cheap people!. 
2. “Negosyo o Kalayaan, Bayan o Sarili? Pumili ka![English: FLIRRRT!] – Alright, so you’re caught about who should you choose, the one you love, or the one who loves you, or the rich or the poor or the handsome versus the so-so face. But, you wanna be good this time, to be that so good person you always want to be—-to be that angelic saint in an ugly black evilish dress. C’mon, we know you’ll choose the one that’s gonna benefit you because you are selfish. So, i bet you’ll choose the one who loves you, the rich and the handsome. You’re always like a politician who promises to be that “change” but actually desires to take advantage over its people! FLIRRRT! 
3. “Punyeta, Nasan ang mga dagdag na kawal?[English: Extra Rice] – We’ll if the viand tastes so good, we always want an extra rice, this is so common for Filipinos, let’s not blame it on the rice but on the viand. Yeah right, we always blame the rice, the extra rice that caused all our extra belly, but this is your freaking fault, you always want something extra, that someone who’ll you sneak with even though you’re committed with someone. Caterpillar! “ang kati mo!”. 
4. “Diba sabi ko magdala ka ng Kabaong?[English: You’re foolish] – This is the part of the movie where Luna went from Kalookan (if i’m right) on the way to Pampanga to arrest Mascardo personally. How far is that right? i mean, today, when you travel from Manila to Pampanga, it’ll take you 3 hours, how about their time when the means of transportation is only through horses. This is how far you sacrifice for love, you love a person and everyday you travel hours just to pick her up after her shift, but you end up knowing that she’s using you because of your sweet gifts and free fares, that’s love dude—-beneficial!.  
5. “Nauubusan na ako ng Ingles![English: Anger management ] –  Anger’s always our issue, we always taught to be over it, to control it no matter what happen and the famous line “Don’t make decisions when you’re mad”. But hell to the no!, i ‘m gonna make that decision right now and here cause i’m gonna be stupid again to believe you that you’ve changed after all these years whenever you take advantage of me when i’m nice and calm and playing naive. Anger is my perfect emotion to make my decision! I’m managing it well—–we’re over babe!, but wait, aren’t you even gonna chase me after i walked out? geez!. 
 6. “Giyera ang asawa mo. Ako ang kabit.[English: I’m a mistress] – There are people who prioritize things differently. This is the part of the movie where Luna chose war over himself, his family and love. But you’re not Luna and we’re so ahead of that time, we don ‘t need to shed those tears and bleed for the country. So, stop telling me you’re choosing that ugly guy over me girl. Obviously, He’s your priority since you love bastards and amma hell better than that. I just moved on now, just now, and i decided to become a machoman! 
7. “Ganito ba talaga ang tadhana natin? Kalaban ng kalaban. Kalaban ng kakampi. Nakakapagod.[English: This is teamwork, i love you team!] –  We’re part of the group where you reconcile, fought and repeat. Actually, you chose to stay on that group anyway because you have no choice, they’re the only people in this world that you can fool of your goodness. But actually, you have killed them so many times in your head while they sleep. I’m gonna give you that round of applause for being the best pretender ever after all these years! Bravo! 
8. “Asintahin mo ng Husto, sayang ang bala![English: Gossip] – We pretend to be nice with that person, but when she’s on her back, you and your friends talk about her over and over and over again. Surprisingly, she’s unbeatable cause she has ears too and what you don’t know is that she’s BFFs with your friends too and you’re the real victim. You didn’t see that coming don’t you? Karma is evil girl!
9. “Babarilin kita![English: I’m mean] – You don’t wanna be mean but, you’re real—-that’s what you’ve been telling to yourself everytime someone is confused about your personality. Truth is, you’re mean and  no one wants to be friend with you. Your mouth and tongue has its own life telling every single person that they ‘re ugly and hopeless. That negativity is your power girl, it’s you not them. Accept it. 
In a more serious note: 
10. “Ang hindi ko maintindihan — bakit kailangang patayin ng kapwa Pilipino ang Pilipino?[English: Aguinaldo is a Politician, stone him!] – This is what really caught me. The movie made me realize that heroes are humans too, they’re womanizers, they love sex, they pray, they question life, they are mad,  they bleed, they’re evil and they’re politicians.

In Philippine schools and textbooks, Filipino heroes are like fictional superhero characters (this is what i see them until this movie was shown). They’re our saviour from the Spaniards and they died just to give the Philippines its desired freedom. 

So i thought too that they’re avengers, that they fight together for the benefit of the Filipinos and for the country. But, i realized that even in their times, they still have their conflicts and differences, they’re still like Filipinos today.

  • Filipino politicians thirst for power like Emilio Aguinaldo. Aguinaldo, secretly had Bonifacio assassinated, not to mention that Boni’s wife was also raped by Aguinaldo’s men. There were also other killings during his presidency (shoutout to Bernal Brothers and Luna’s men). 
  • Filipinos those days and now are businessmen,  like Paterno and Buencamino. They put their bets for those who can give them benefits even if they sacrifice their race and country. Such no guts to stand and fight for what they believe in, Filipinos call them Bading, or Naglalaro ng Barbie dolls
  • Politicians today are also willing to kill and sacrifice anyone just to get their taste of corruption. They’re like a show on TV where they say negativities against the other just to get the public’s sympathy/votes. Such a shame. Aside from face value, they are like freak show characters. 
  • Lastly, There’s this Luna who’s willing to die for his country, even if he’ll stand alone to fight or have to kill those who’ll stand against him. Luna: “Babarilin kita, isuot mo ang uniporme mo!” [I’ll shoot you, wear your uniform]
Filipino politicians never changed, they’re all the same, some are heroes and some are craps and selfish and “Naglalaro ng Barbie dolls”.

“Ang hindi ko maintindihan — bakit kailangang patayin ng kapwa Pilipino ang Pilipino?” [I couldn’t understand why Filipino has to kill his fellow Filipino] 
– Capt. Eduardo Rusca

“Ganito ba talaga ang tadhana natin? Kalaban ng kalaban. Kalaban ng kakampi. Nakakapagod.” [Is this really our fate? Enemy of our enemy. Enemy of our allies. This is tiring]
-General Antonio Luna

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  1. Sounds like you learned a lot from this movie. Politicians can be so deceitful; it's hard to believe them. And some love power and become so corrupt. "Freak show" characters, good description.

  2. nice 😀 😀 tindi talaga ng mga lines diba? I really like the musical scores….

  3. haha.. natawa naman ako dun sa translations LOL.. I have watched the movie n din at sobrang hanga ako sa plot at sa cinematography… on top of that madami ka talaga matututunan .. prang gusto ko nga panuurin ulit kaso wala na dito sa SM bacoor

  4. I wonder whether this movie will be shown in our country or not. I am just wondering how come you associate all the points that you have learned in this movie to a love relationship with a girl. ??

  5. Grabe this movie gave me so much feels!
    Spot on si Heneral Luna, pati etong post mo.

    Well fine, ako na lang ata ang hindi nakakanuod nitong movie na to. But but but, wag kang magalala and dont judge. Marami nang nagkwento na feeling ko napanuod ko na to. Pero ha, punyetang translation! Bentaaa!

  7. i've not heard of Heneral Luna, so thanks for the introduction … it sounds like something i'd like to watch too 🙂

  8. You really learned a lot from this movie, Steve! 🙂 Thanks for sharing.

  9. Interesting. I wonder where I can get to see this movie.

  10. Love the take of interest in Filipino culture, and love that it's inspired by a movie! That last quote I like, and would imagine it would get tiring. Haha. Also, prostitutes and one night stands can't buy love. True that!

    – Harlynn

  11. Mas lalo akong naiinis na di ko pa napapanuod ang peliulang ito. Parang ramdam na ramdam ko si Luna sa kanyang mga linyang napakamakulay at tagusan kung tumama. Sana, sana! 😉

    Manik Makina | That MM Blog

  12. indeed mary, it's really hard to trust em!

  13. true, it questions our knowledge about our country, it also educates us. 🙂

  14. Mun, i dont think that this will be shown somewhere, but im not saying it wouldn't… there's just this hype lately about the "hugot" it's like associating everything (like recipes, songs or situation) into a failing love status/relationship with someone–it;s a hype of Filipino culture though! 🙂

  15. ah sa cavite ka pala? totoo, gusto kong mag standing ovation after watching the movie.

  16. hahahahahhaha, Thanks nayabochi! hahahaha, wla eh, may hugot nnga kasi talaga… hahahha

  17. I would say in the internet but i guess you wont be able to understand it as this is in Filipino tounge.

  18. Thanks Linda, i'd say, everyone who watched it really learned from it. 🙂

  19. yes sean, it;s a talk of the country here in the Philippines, though this is in Filipino tounge so i guess, you won't be able to understand it until it's subtitled.

  20. True, every pinoy must see this movie, aside from comedy-humor in it, there's just deep realism in it. 🙂

  21. hahahhaa, it's a colorful culture harlynn, if you want to come here in the Philippines, just let me know and i'll take you on a tour!

  22. Hahahahaha… pretty good stuff that movie is.

    I think i watched it 4 x.. with different set of friends and fam member..


    worth it .. though… it could be better… 🙂

  23. wow 4x! ikaw na tlaga jeng! i wonder how'd you say that it could've been better?

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