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HEY your comments in my previous post was really a WOW as in. I got all of your attentions. But lemme clear myself muna.

I understand that bloggers really sometimes are busy for it also happen to me especially school days. I understand that we all have our own real life outside the blogosphere. Maybe i wasn’t get able to clear the message that i am trying to send to you guys. What i am saying is that “There are bloggers who don’t return comments even if they are NOT busy and still continues to post an entry” also i understand that we have no assurance for returned comments all i want was not really a comment but “acknowledgment” i dont care if you dont return a comment back i just want you to put a “hello” on my tagboard or just say that “Hey, stevevhan i read your comment and it was stupid” simple as that. I also understand that there are people not worth giving comments cause they just post comment just to say that they have blog hopped and made their rounds. I also hate those but i still return them. Fine now, i have heard all of your opinions and we all have different or same. 

*sa totoo lang yung blogger na pinapatamaan ko eh hindi nacomment!haha.ok lang!Andiyan naman kayo!aanhin ko ang comment niya (actually kasi crush ko yung writing skills niya!haha, kaya ako bitter!haha—inamin?)So walang guilty dun sa nagcomment sa previous post!.


*I have entry plans but i wasn’t get able to follow but have an “Anything goes” post. Lets start this post? )haha, hindi pa pala umpisa yun eh ang haba na ng nasulat ko?—-daldal talaga!)

1. I am into a war (blogging) actually she’s not a blogger we can’t call her that way cause she posts scandals, nonsense and criticism entries on her blog. The reason why she caught my attention is that SINISIRAAN NIYA ANG SCHOOL KO! and what really pissed me is that those that she wrotes was not really a factual one. She had her post about that and says “there are no future for the students of that school” and guess what? she herself alone didn’t get able to study at us, she just got it from student’s testimonial and taaaadaaaa i have a post that can create attention and destroy a brand. Also, that student, i think have no credibility. A long story. I won’t give her link cause maybe she’ll get lot of attention and her blog may rank!haha. I’ll do the battle alone. She replied on what i said on her post and she got nothing to say!haha. I also used an ALIAS so that she wont get track of me!, Belat! (please be quiet guys!—sssshhhhhhhh.)

2.Last monday my aunt and i was still awake late at night. Then we turn our TV on GMA 7 , we saw a documentary of I Witness entitled “Paraisong Uhaw”. So, we were exchanging opinions—-we compared the province being  featured in the docu (although we wonder on which province is that) and our masbate life. We were shocked when the reporter (Kara David) said that it was in MASBATE we were like “WHAAAAAT? is that in masbate?”. The footage was shot in Esperanza, Masbate. That’s located in the farthest part of the province and the heat plus drought is being felt there. We also do what they do—–dig for a well to have water for drinking and washing of clothes but in our area we dont drink the water from well cause it’s dirty. But you will really pity for them cause sometimes the well was really in drought and they have to fetch  for like such kilometers!. So what’s the lesson? We are still lucky here cause we can access  everything. 


Happy blogging!

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  1. hi stevehan… haha so that's it… that's the reason behind your post…… saan ka nag-aaral?
    oy paborito kong reporter si Kara David and all the cast of I witness.. Cheers

  2. Aaaah, that's what you mean pala. Hihi, I'm glad that I know now.
    What's happening on earth is really a poor thing. I hope all people will help conserve resources and water.

  3. pinatulan mo pa rin pala un…
    let's conserve our resources…naalala ko yung sinabi mo nung nakaraan…"tinatapon lang namin ung kanin namin eh"…you post is also a lesson for you…XP

  4. Hi, nice blog you have here, (but i cant raise a thumb here mate, sorry), and it seems youre too busy to do an update, well im not here to criticize you or something, well i found the blogspot from nowhere surfing the net,ah you know how it goes. I see ure also making a controversy here ;), anyway thats just for now.


  5. Well, hi Stevevhan XD

    I read your previous post. Ah.. wait, I wasnt able to return your comments. Sorry bout that, I just migrated to another country, thats why! XD LOL you have a crush on someone else's writing skills. Tell me who!

    Anyway, dont mind everyone who makes false rumors about schools and stuff. >.>;; people are just like that, it's because of the perpetuating stereotypes. Ugh. Believe me, I've experienced it several times!

    And yay for iWitness. That's the only tv show I watch on philippine TV :)) hahaha. I'm a big fan of Kara David. 😀

  6. Nicxter anu ka ba!I am trying my best in LOVING mother nature eh. Ako nga lang yata nagsusulong nun sa bahay namin!haha. Swear!

  7. Ah yes tama ka bro.. yung iba kasi mag comment sila for the purpose of doing the same thing. pero sabagay ako nga sobrang tagal mag update ng blog. last year pa yung dati ko. ehehehe. more post to come!

  8. yeahh i guess we all have out opinions.
    ohh i dont understand what the video is saying 🙁

  9. Okay there are five comments above before your's, stevehan. and i see that u are sure certified "RETURNEE" of whatever. hahaha. no dont mind the thou who di not return blog, i just think your not open to all kinds of comments. hmmm well i came back for this. ANYWAY for the thought I'll go with :bonnie.

  10. Hmm medyo mahirap din kapag may kalaban sa net. Paano kung gumamit siya ng "" ? Nakakapasok lahat diyan kahit "block" ang isang site sa proxy i.p. Or whatever. Yun ang pagkakaalam ko 🙂

    Hayyy ang sakit din ng sabihin niya na wala akong future sa school ko grr. Go go stevevhan may the force be with you

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