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I was watching the news a few nights ago. Watching current events is one of my interest yet not my hobby though i am not dreaming to be involved in any journalism activities cause peoples that are engaged to that are those who are tough enough to face the world of danger and truth.

Freedom of information bill was failed to be passed in the congress cause they say that there is lack of quorum. As Ive heard in the news, this bill is in the battle for 14 years now, then failed again at the LAST session of congress after years of battles.Also, they have to re-apply it again and start from scratch.
What was this bill all about by the way? this bill will allow anybody to get a transparent information with regards to expenses in the Philippine government officials, projects and other related concerns.So, in other words, by this law, we will see if a project or a government official has had kickbacks or overpricing projects.
I really sympathize those people who are really hurt because of the failure of this bill. The media men whom i saw in the news that are really crying cause they say that even just a simple statement of liabilities, they find it hard to get from the government and they are being passed to other government agencies.
 This maybe our answer in corruption  

and i am just sad that it was not passed in the last session of congress considering that this bill is really helpful to us! and yet has to start again from the scratch after 14 years of pursuing this. I hope that this republic grows up, if they really are for people then they have to show it and besides, confidentiality and security information of an official or project is still being protected in this bill.

Again, I am just clearing myself here. I just wanna tell to my co-bloggers and fellow Filipino people what i feel about this issue as a citizen. I have nothing against of anybody yet i stand on what i believed for.
1. Today is the proclamation day of Noy-Bi in Congress. I hope that this is a start of a new Philippines.
2.If you want further information about this just ask Mr. Google! and a credit to him for the logo of the house of representatives that he lend to me.

* This is my Independence Day tribute post

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  1. In an ideal Philippines, we do not need this FOI law. All information that the government hold are owned by the public and anyone can look on all the records. The only ones that is prohibited for public scrutiny are information that classified and will threaten the security of the country. These info are the classified info of the military. However, the courts can still make a ruling so as to make it available to the public.

    But our country is far from ideal that is why we need the FOI. Too bad, it was shot down. Some people are working very hard to hide their illegal activities and crimes of stealing from the public coffers.

  2. Kaya siguro hindi maipasa-pasa itong law na toh kasi maraming mamumulubing gov't officials. I mean, hindi na sila makakakurakot kasi nga mabibisto agad ang ano mang anomalya na gagawin nila using this bill. Kaya nakakalungkot malaman na hindi na naman ito naipasa… /sigh

  3. sna maganda ang magiging takbo ng bagong administrasyon… maganda ang kurob ko na magdadala ng malaking pagbbago ang tamblng Noybi

  4. Sana nga e magkaroon ng malaking pagbabago sa Pinas sa pamumuno ng tambalang Noy-Bi.Sugpuin ang corruption! Advance Happy Independence day!

  5. The proclamation was already done a day ago, I'm hoping so much that my vote won't go to waste too:S

  6. 14 years is a long time for a bill to be in consideration, and after those 14 years they have to start from scratch.

    i guess the weather is because we're on different sides of the equator

  7. I really hope that the new administration will make our country change. I have big hopes.

  8. goodluck NOYNOY pfft.

  9. Peoples talaga? You have to check what you need to.
    Hope NoyBi tandem is our answered prayer.

  10. haay! nakuu. kasi gobyreno ba. inu una nila ang kanilang mga sarili. hee. tssk! I hope with our new president and new V-press. they'll give us a brighter future and better country 😀

  11. 14 years? seriously? ang tagal nun.. i guess we filipinos are fighters. i mean it wouldn't take that long if those people do not want that to be passed right? plus that bill will be helpful for us all. para walang gaguhan di ba… hayyy.. i hope that bill will be passed.

  12. hi steve… just visiting you here … have a great day and happy Independence day

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