Travel Book 2015 [Summer Edition] – Lens Project: South Luzon

Even though the summer here in the Philippines is almost over, remember, it’s summer in the U.S., so, somewhere on earth is sunny and this post is still worth posting!. This is my 4th instalment for the Travel Book 2015 [Summer Edition] Series.
Travelling for me is a combination of thoughts, music, food and photography.

Most of the pictures taken here are on a bus, since i don’t have an opportunity to ask the driver to stop and take some good shots. Featured places are: The South Luzon Expressway (SLEX) views, Batangas, Laguna, Quezon Province, Bicol, Legazpi City and the Masbate Pass.

Check out the scenes and feel like you’re also travelling down south of the Philippines with me (or on your own).

The view of Mayon Volcano on the sea, the image is dark since we left the shore at 5:00 am. 

I’m trying to give an eerie or weird/scary feeling especially on the ferry boat (that’s why i took them on black and white), did you feel the emotion?

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  1. yes… the fire exit, the restricted area and the stairs were all quite creepy to me yet fascinating at the same time .. kasi when I'm in such scene, i always thought myself playing real life "Resident Evil:Code Veronica" lol…same thing when I am at the hospital.. hehe

  2. Haha, Thank you milton. :), Gamer ka pala!

  3. Steve, you did succeed in creating an eerie feel with the black and white photos of the ferry. Frankly I wouldn't want to walk alone in that part of the ferry!

  4. interesting photos, steve. among them, your shot of the mayon volcano is lovely. and the skies and seas from the third to the last!

    have a great week ahead.

  5. Nice shots, some really interesting or even intriguing. Love the one of Mayon especially …and the sunset one is absolutely breathtaking.

  6. thanks! nakapaglibot tuloy ako kahit dito ko sa Norway. Hmmmm! My beautiful homecountry:)

  7. What a great tour! Thank you so much for sharing. 🙂

  8. i love the diversity of your shots, in colour and b-&-w and how you capture interesting angles, quiet moments and calm scenes 🙂

  9. hehe mejo lang but I'm a big big fan of Resident Evil and Silent Hill series

  10. Yes, I did feel emotion as I viewed them. Powerful is what I'd say about some of them. I thought to myself: "A guy took these pics."

  11. Lovely shots.

  12. i like the shot of the sky and the sea best. thanks for the free tour.

  13. Yes, you succeeded in the black and white photos, When I see them it is as if you are the last person left on earth taking photos of abandoned places. So eerie.

    Your photos are very artistic. Thanks on bringing us on the trip down to south of your country.

  14. Thanks for this PAT, as i have mentioned your comment on this post is used to spread my this blog in facebook. 🙂 really appreciate it. 🙂

  15. That's actually not scary there Nancy, i just created that feeling but you can actually tour around the ferry by yourself. 🙂 Thanks though for a positive feedback.

  16. "My beautiful homecountry:)" – that made me feel like "awwwww", seems like you have truly missed PINAS mommy joy. 🙂

  17. Wow, thanks for this feedback suituapui, would really even do more good in this. 🙂

  18. Thanks sean, i hope that you enjoyed this post. 🙂

  19. Awww thanks for this really. 🙂

  20. Thanks mun for those wonderful words. I would truly keep this work up and be good about it. 🙂

  21. Looks amazing! I love these pictures!
    Melanie @

  22. Travelling down south was never new to me. I'm from the Bicol region so been travelling on bus evrytime I go on vacation was quite a delightful experience.. at least for me. 12-13 hours kase ang byahe. Ang saya lang mag sight seeing. Your shots are beautiful by the way with a hint of mystery.

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