Travel Guide: Puerto Galera in a Budget Part 2

Some say that Puerto Galera have been spoiled and too boring to visit because there are already other beaches that are way better than this place, I’d say it’s true and it’s not at the same time. Last month, we were able to take a dip and visited the place – totally got stunned by the beauty of the Philippines.

First off. Here are the things I realized in Puerto Galera: 

1.It is not true that a place or a person has no chance of renewing/changing. Just like PG, a lot of people say that this is an overrated place. This is truly over rated in a sense that the locals are well equipped with tourists already, especially in major spots like the White Beach where most of the tourists go here.

White beach is crowded since there are a lot of establishments shops and bars for day and night time. If you are a party goer kind of a person, this is your place for night life.

But there’s more in PG. Adventure doesn’t finish in the shores, there are other options you can check out in PG to enjoy the place, like I]island hopping, snorkeling, scuba diving, parasailing, underwater cave adventures and on land activities like waterfalls hopping, mangrove, trekking and site seeing via overlooking decks.
2. Philippines is truly a wonder. PG might be a common thing for tourists but the beauty of the place especially underwater world is priceless! This what makes PG a cool thing to visit because nature still tops the list aside from nightlife and clubbing thing.

I also like that the locals are educated, equipped and caring with tourists and their tourist spots. When you pay for services, everything is connected, from tour packages, transportation and accommodation. The locals would advise you things that you can do and can refer people that can help you achieve what you want. You’ll have to pay of course but you are confident that this is for their living so you’d be happy paying at the same time, you’re surely enjoy your trip.’

I’ve also noticed that the boatmen are very cautious about corals, warning tourists about their safety and the marine conservation efforts of their local government. The PG local and government deserves a thumbs up for this. They won’t take advantage of your money just to settle your desire to be over, locals know their limitation and your limitation as a tourist. So no, is no for them especially if it affects their tourist spots and your safety.

About the trip: 


We wake up by 6am and had our breakfast. Due to some of my friend’s activities from the previous day, we started our land tour by 9am, when it’s supposed to have started by 7am.

Tamaraw Falls

40 min tricycle ride from White beach. I suggest you bring your camera with you and music plugs. It’s kind of a while and uphill travel so you’d be seeing more views prior to arriving Tamaraw falls.

Tip: If you’re up for Bulalo or picnic, there’s a place inside the falls. The place is more of a family and friends kind because you can have karaoke, foods and swim at the same time.

What i like? This is when i thought that Galera is more than just a swimming paradise, via land or sea, they have attractions. Also, whether again land or sea, the locals are keen about the tourists what and where abouts esp their safety.

You’d see people wearing ID indicating that they are the safety personnel in the area and would instruct you the Do’s and Dont’s while inside. Well done local government!

Virgin Island.

10:00 am. We headed to Virgin Island as i insisted because i didn’t like the coldness of the water in the falls, im more of heat and sun thing.

Tip: You can swim in front of the “Grotto” Statue of the Virgin Mary (yes, that’s why it’s called the Virgin Island) because it’s a diving spot and coral in it. We didn’t go far enough because we’re still afraid of waters.

There’s Nipa huts inside, if you wanna pay for it though but the sand and the trees can give you shade, if shade is your concern.

There’s less stores here, so i suggest to bring your own food and stuffs. The place is ideal for a picnik by the beach, ideal as well for a whole day trip.

Puerto Galera Mangrove Conservation and Ecotourism Area

11:00 am. Im again impressed as parts of the entrance fee of the mangrove will be divided into the local barangay’s fund, the protection of the mangrove and the caretakers of the area.

To Manila

By 12 nn we were already in our hotel room and prepared for our 3pm trip to manila. Since we’re all ready by 1:00 pm, we decided to spend the remaining time to roam in the white beach and buy or Pasalubong.

We also decided to eat in Batangas port since the price for food is lower. We arrrived at 4:30 pm in Batangas port, head to Manila by 5:30 and arrived before 8:00 am.

All expense were not mentioned in the post as it is included in the travel guide and Itinerary.

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  1. I would like to walk through the Puerto Galera Mangrove Conservation. Looks very interesting.

  2. So many activities on this trip! I like the blue water at the Virgin Island and that one guy's foot – great picture. Did you use an underwater camera for that one shot? You didn't mention but I wonder how affordable the lodging is. Looks like a great time for your friends.

  3. You should! When you fly here, please do!

  4. Yup, the man with the big foot was me and we used go pro for most our shots. Around Php 3000 is the price for lodging and might go up esp on peak seasons, the lodging would be divided into the number of people in your group, so it's really affordable.

  5. The tamaraw falls looks pretty good. Is it easily accessible? I mean, there are falls that you need to really trek and hold on to ropes because of the vertical climb. From where you park/ or get dropped off .. how far a walk do you need to go just to get to the bottom of the falls? …. Very interesting.

  6. i've actually not heard of Puerto Galera before … so this is a great introduction to non-filipinos like me who have very little idea about how to explore the philippines 😉

  7. Waterfallhopping…underwater caves!? Like you and your clique, I'm afraid of waters too…even though the water is gorgeous! I'd have to go waterfall hopping and to an underwater cave.
    Waterfall hopping is now on my bucket list.
    Sounds safe too, possibly accepting of American tourists? Haha.
    Looks like a beautiful place. Wish there were more merhants.

    On a side note….you used a selfie stick!? LOL
    That foot picture is amazing.

  8. It's just on the road. So the tricycle will just drop you off and you'll see it on the road. The front of the falls is a bridge so below the bridge is the way of the water to go down. You just have to go down from the bridge and youll see the pool below of it.

  9. There's just so many beach destinations here in the Philippines and PG is one of the famous yet neglected destination in the PH because people thought that it has been spoiled, until i got there and proven it wrong.

  10. Yup americans or any other nationality is always welcome. Hahaha, we often use selfie sticks and that picture was taken using go pro. We have 4 action cams on this trip

  11. Thanks, not only for the guide but bringing my attention to this place. I've never heard of it before.

  12. All of these pictures are so cool! They really make me feel like I'm there in Puerto Galera. I'd love to visit this place someday, the views and the ocean look absolutely incredible! Looks like you had a great time 🙂

  13. I will have to make a confession. I haven't been to the Philippines for the last 20+ years. The last time I've been there, I was only 11. But, I have been to Puerto Galera many times as a kid, as I have family who lives in Batangas (I'm Ilocano origin, but my uncle married a Batagueña and settled in Lipa), so we would often travel to Mindoro and have a 2-3 stay over there, usually during summer. But, from the looks of your shots, there has been a lot of changes since the last time I remember of that place. Well, it's been some 20+ years haha!

    My sister and her husband (Chinese-American) are planning to travel to the Philippines so she can finally introduce the husband to the rest of the family. She doesn't remember Puerto Galera (she was some 3-4 years old the last time she's been there), but when I do see her, I'll suggest this place for a visit.

    Thanks for visiting my blog the other day, so I finally have the time to visit other people's blogs and say hello. 🙂

  14. It's beyond my expectation! Truly it was an awesome trip!

  15. OMG! This is so cool Arianne, please do blog about it when you visit PH again. The place seems to overrated esp during Holy week, i suggest to visit the place before or after this week (or any beaches in the PH).

  16. Gorgeous photos! I wanna go to the Philippines but honestly, I hate traveling yet I love to hear and see stories of others having a great time. I'm too much of a homebody.

  17. Yeah, i mean, there are really times that you want and you plan to travel but there are just days that are for bedweather/bedlazy.

    I'm a home buddy too. Travelling is just my hobby for months, i dont do travel too every weekend. But when i travel, i make sure it's big time and planned. 🙂

  18. Thanks! this is really a cool place to visit!

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