Valentine date: 0%. Part 1

Before i start i want you to take not this equations.

suitor = guy = boylet.
bff=Bestfriends forever.
eff= echozserang friends forever. therefore,


These past few days, i was a little bit confuse, and i guess i am undergoing the stages of love process(click this to know the said process) particularly the sleepless nights stage.

This is caused by girlet. She’s my bff and eff, according to her were like that. (hey girlet, you know who you are!). So, i was starting to think of her every night, maybe i am falling in love, i don’t know, or maybe i am just infatuating!.

Girlet and i are friends for two years, we know each other very well, we’re classmates, i met her parents, i’ve been in their house, she knows everything about me, and i know everything about her too. I never thought of loving her more as friends, because maybe we can’t be more than that. Lately i am starting to fall for her, then a guy came and currently suiting her. This guy is also a friend of mine, but we’re not that close(we are in the process). First, when i found out about this, i was really hurt, it made me confuse for days and nights, wondering if girlet also likes the guy. It was really wrong timing because when the time i was falling for girlet, he came.

Last sunday, i went to church, to tell and ask God about the feelings i have for girlet. Everything became cleared, we’re just friends and maybe i’m just infatuating. Finally, i found out that girlet also likes the guy. It doesn’t hurt like before, but i am still worrying for girlet because the guy’s reputation when it comes to girls is not that good(but i am not against if they become lovers).

My conclusion is, MAYBE I LOVE GIRLET MORE THAN FRIENDS, girlet believes were really just friends and i think she’s right. Lastly, even if i love her more than friends, i am not ready of giving her myself, she won’t give me herself either, and friendship is all we can give for each other, In other words “Masaya na kami bilang magkaibigan”. We are happy as friends because i am focused on my studies and career.

So girlet, i am always be here for you. Sorry if i hurt you. I hope we remain our friendship forever and thank you for listening to your friend’s opinions and suggestions about boylet. Please don’t feel awkward after reading this post. I’m still me, steve. I just shared my feelings.

NOTE: Please watch the Part 2 of this post.

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  1. ..ayn steve..yan b pgki2re!!

    ..hahaha kila2 q n c girlet..
    ..geh bebe msKit yang gnGwa mU!1
    ..sVhn mu n kZ feelings mu..mHrap pg tnTgo..
    ..luv u bebe..

  2. alam mo steve…ok lng yang nara2mdaman mo.cguro di naka2pagtaka na mainluv ka sa kanya kc almost 2 years na nga kayo magkasma..cguro nga wrong timing lang talaga…and you know wat hanga ako syo kc ang lakas ng loob mo para pagtapt kay girlet lahat ganyan talaga my times na masasaktan ka…
    hanggang dto nalang.and na sad ako sa story mo.

  3. Awww friends lang ba talaga? hehe well may gnyan talaga eh.. sana happy kayo both with your decisions 🙂

  4. for me i think it's better to be patient than to risk your frienship thing. you see your not that sure if of what you feel towards her. if you'll confess that without even knowing what it is really then it will be a big risk in your part as her friend. 🙂 still its up to you in the end. hearts….:)

  5. one advice for you my friend: Go for broke! 🙂 Tell her that you feel she's more than just a friend… or just do anything to break from that "BFF" boundary.

  6. i want to thanks all the people who posted a comment in my last post.

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