Valentine Date:0%. Part 2

I have no date in Valentine’s. Alone but i was with my friends, and we celebrated the Valentine’s day together, it was enjoy.

Let’s go to the topic of this post. The love issues of mine. I feel like i am alone because my friends have their own love lifes. Today it seems that love life is a requirement for a man to be considered whole. Some people ask me “Why you don’t have a girlfriend?” , and for me, the answer is ” i am focused on my career, studies first” , because that is what being thought to me by my parents and my family. Actually in a song it says that “Don’t look for love, let love find you” and that what makes me strong, instead of looking for love let love search for me., but my question is when should i wait?. Should i look for it now? because my patience is loosing.

I am also not sure in my motto , that i will be single until my dreams are fulfilled and stabled. But i am really really pressured because the society pushes me to fall in love for a person, which is hard for me, i want to take it slow, so that i will be happy at the end. Although they don’t tell me that i should have a partner but the for me it is a pressure. Do you feel the same way too guys?..or have you felt it?.

As i study college, i learned that love is like a business, if you think you have profit in it, then invest, why do invest if there’s nothing profitable for me, it is being foolish. Maybe i just love myself and i am afraid to be hurt by love, i’d rather stay in the safe side rather than risk because i know that it will really cut me inside.

I am still confuse, i am looking for a friend, that will understand my feelings, i need an ear that will listen and an eyes that will look in the inner me. I guess i found it., but still unsure. I am still waiting for the the right person in the right time, and a right girl in the right reason. I will wait for you, whoever you are. But somehow i will find you.

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  1. i actually dont read blogs except for mam chong's blog for she creatively write things on her blog specially on special issues that includes me and the "bat friends and BFC" but dont get me wrong because im not saying that you couldnt do it and get anyone's attention.

    as a matter of fact i just got curios because evryone's talking about this issue. i actually did'nt surprise when i heard about you admiring someone because that's normal (no questions being ask). its just that i was kinda confused on ur statement that u have av oredy found someone but then still looking for the right chance to love or to ask that someone,. i dunno i just got confused,. checked on that,. later part of ur blog. echusera ka,. hindi ako naniniwala sau,. heheheh peace out,.

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