What does my body mean to me?

Some people are gifted because they were given a beautiful and perfect body, and some are not. Whatever body you have you should love, respect, and protect it.
I believe that every one’s body is sacred as my own. I protect my body the way i protect all important things i have. I’m a human and being a human is composed of Soul, Spirit, and Physical Body. Physical body is one of the reasons why we’re alive, so we should love it and protect it.
Man was sent to earth to protect everything earth has, for us to protect earth we should protect ourselves first. Sometimes we always protect our body but we forget to protect other things that compose us, the soul and spirit.
Being complete you are not only improving your physical body but also improving your soul and spirit. Communication and worshiping with God can improve your spirit, and doing good things can uplift your soul.
In life, we need to be balanced, we should protect everything around us. Accepting who i am, loving myself are the real meaning of what my body mean to me.

Hi, I wanna know your thoughts!

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