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If you’re familiar with the movie High School Musical of Disney, you know what wildcats means. Wildcats is the Basketball team of East high in the movie high school musical with the captain ball Troy Bolton(Zac Efron in real life) with her love team Gabriela Montes( Vanessa Hudgens). Ofcourse there’ll be no thrill in the movie without the antagonist played by Ashley Tisdale as Sharpay Evans with her brother Ryan. Yes i’m a fanatic of this movie, Grabe, i love the songs from part 1 & 2, i even memorised it, and everytime i sing the songs, I feel that I’m the original singer of the song and i’m in the music video, doing the dance and turns!.
The story of this movie is about the strugels of high school students. In HSM 1, the theme is about pursuing your dreams, and in HSM 2, the message is about staying as real you. Of course almost all of the scenes has a touch of music which really made their movie unique, and it’s not just songs, but every songs contain meaning that truly lap on your heart.
Why i posted this entry? because high school musical has gone too far, they’ve made the part 1 very successful and so the part 2 . And now, comes the last part of the movie, the HIGH SCHOOL MUSICAL 3. Where they focus on their separations because all of them will be graduating in this year. This movie will open on OCTOBER 2008.

Here’s the official trailer of the movie:

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  1. wooow can't wait for the movie!

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  2. nkta ko na trailer nyan eh.. pero.. maganda ba tlga? lol ksi prang kanta lht eh lolx.

  3. a lot of people waited for this one.

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